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1x1 Rib    Also 2x2 rib knit trim. The width of each rib is the same as the width between each rib. This helps the garment retain its elasticity.
2-Way Zipper   A zip that can be pulled in either direction.
Anti-Pill   A treatment applied to garments primarily to resist the formation of little balls on the fabric's surface due to abrasion during wear.
Argyle   Typically a diamond pattern woven into a garment.
Baby Pique   Very small pique knit. See piqué knit
Back Pleats   Small folds in the material on the back of a garment offering more room and comfort.
Back Yoke   A piece of fabric that connects the back of a garment to the shoulders allowing the garment to lay flat.
Baselayer   The first layer of clothing for body's defence against cold, heat, moisture, etc. It is designed to remain dry by either wicking, repelling, or allowing moisture to pass through to another absorbent layer.
Basket Weave Knit   Process of weaving threads back and forth resulting in a two-tone appearance.
Blouson Cut   A garment gathered by elastic or a string and producing a fullness of fabric that falls over the gathering.
Box Pleat   A single, uniform fold in the centre back of a garment to allow for more room and comfort.
Breathable   Body heat and perspiration can escape through the lightweight material, while water and the elements are prevented from coming in.
Brushed Cotton   Cotton fabric that is brushed to remove all the excess lint and fibres from the fabric, leaving an ultra soft, smooth finish.
Button-Through Sleeve Placket   A small placket located on the cuff, containing a single button closure.
Chambray   A dressier fabric woven with white threads across coloured threads.
Combed Cotton   Cotton thread that has been combed to remove short fibres and straighten longer fibres creating a smooth yarn used in finer garments.
Coolplus   Offers moisture management, breathability, comfort and quick-drying properties.
Coverseamed   A finish in which two needles are used to create parallel rows of visible stitching.It is used around the neck, armholes, waistband, and wrists of garments to create a cleaner, more durable finish.
Dobby   A decorative weave, usually geometric, that is woven into the fabric.
Double-Needle Stitched   A finish used on a sleeve or hem that uses two needles to create parallel rows of visible stitching. It gives the garment a cleaner, more finished look and adds durability.
Drop-Needle   A knit fabric characterised by vertical lines within the cloth. Manufactured by dropping a needle from the knitting cylinder.
Drop Tail   A design feature where the back of the garment is longer than the front.
Dyed-To-Match   Buttons or trims the same colour as the garment.
Easycare   Durable fabric requiring minimal ironing and straight forward washing.
Easy-iron   Garment has properties which limits creasing.
EN471/EN ISO 20471   Necessary classifications for high visibility garments.
End-on-End   A 2-ply weave of different colour threads that run parallel so that both colours are visible.
Enzyme Washed   A laundering process in which a catalytic substance is added to create a chemical change in the fabric resulting in a very soft finish, smoother appearing surface and reduced shrinkage.
Etched Tone Buttons   A more upscale horn tone button with an etched pattern.
Eyelets   Small holes or perforations made in a series to allow for breathability. Finished with either stitching or brass grommets.
Fine Knit Gauge   Lightweight knitted material often found in summer garments.
Flat Knit Collar   Collar is knit on a machine that produces a fine, smooth surface.
Full Cut   A garment with a generous fit.
Garment Washed   A wash process where softeners are added to finished garments to help the cotton fibres relax, resulting in a thicker appearance, reduced shrinkage and softer feel to hand.
Garment Dyed   A dyeing process that occurs after the garment is assembled.
Herringbone   A decorative pattern of rows of slanted parallel lines alternating to give a quality textured look.
Horn Tone Buttons   Buttons with a mock ivory style.
Houndstooth   A broken check effect that is knit into the fabric.
Hydrafort   Hydrafort fabric is both waterproof and windproof, providing reliable protection from the elements in the outdoors. Hydrafort fabric is independently tested to ensure it exceeds BS3424 for waterproofness.
Interlock Knit   A fabric that has two plys knit simultaneously to form one thicker and heavier ply. It has more natural stretch than a Jersey knit, a soft hand, and the same appearance and feel on both sides.
Isolite 5000   Waterproof and breathable lightweight fabric system offering outstanding comfort and performance on a range of lightweight, packable rainshells.
Isotex   Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable fabric.
Jacquard Knit   This fabric has a smooth outer and a textured inner.
Jersey Knit   This fabric has a smooth outer and a textured inner.
Klopman   Specifically designed to offer exceptional all-round performance including outstanding durability, enhanced comfort and a smart appearance.
Locker Loop   A looped piece of fabric in the neck of a garment for hanging on a hook. Can also be located at the centre of the back yoke on the inside or outside of a garment.
Locker Patch   A panel sewn into the inside back of a garment, just under the collar seam, to reinforce the garment and minimise stretching when hung on a hook.
Low Profile   A cap style with a low slope that is more closely fitted to the head. Can be either structured or unstructured.
Mandarin Collar   Small collar standing on a high, close neckline; the collar doesn't meet in front. Often known as a cadet collar.
Melange   A mix of different colours of thread knit together to create a heathered effect.
Mercerized   A product that has gone through a process to produce a smooth feel.
Mesh   Similar to a piqué knit, but with a more open texture for increased breathability.
Microfleece   A high density, anti-pilling fleece made of knit microfibres that are brushed less than a regular fleece garment. It has a high capacity for warmth without the weight.
Microfibre   This fabric is tightly woven from a very fine poly thread and has a sueded finish for a luxurious, soft feel. Microfibre fabric is naturally water-repellent due to its construction process and when specially treated, can also be waterproof.
Micro Stripe   An ultra-fine stripe knit into the fabric.
Overdyed   A process in which thread dyed fabrics or piece dyed garments are put through an additional dye colour to create unique colours.
Organic   Produced ethically to certified standards.
Oxford   Fabric made from either cotton or blended man-made fibres.
Patch Pocket   A pocket attached to the outside of a garment.
Pearlised Buttons   Buttons that have a pearl-coloured hue.
Pewter Buttons   Buttons that have a dull, metallic hue.
Pigment Dyed   A type of dye used to create a distressed or washed look.
Piqué Knit   A knitting method that creates a fine textured surface that appears like a waffle weave.
Placket   The part of a shirt or jacket where the garment fastens together.
Poly-Filled   A warm polyester lining found in the body or sleeves of outerwear garments. It has more loft than a regular nylon lining.
Poplin   A tightly woven, durable, medium weight cotton or cotton blend fabric made using a rib variation of the plain weave which creates a slight ridge effect.
Pre-Shrunk   This term refers to a manufacturing process whereby the fabric is compressed before a garment is sewn from it. The fabric decompresses during washing, compensating for any natural shrinkage.
PVC   A polyurethane coating that is added to make garments water resistant.
Raglan Sleeves   Sleeves set with a diagonal seam from the neck to the armpit.
Raw Edge Collar   Unfinished hem on collar to give rough, contemporary look.
Reverse Placket   See Placket, but reversed for women's garments.
Rib Knit   A textured knit that has the appearance of vertical lines. It is highly elastic and retains your shape.
Ringspun Thread   Continuously twisting and thinning a rope of cotton fibres. The twisting makes the short hairs of cotton stand out, resulting in a stronger yarn with a significantly softer hand.
Ripstop   This fabric has a high tear and abrasion resistance and has a squared appearance, Commonly a lightweight nylon it can also be of canvas weight.
Scotchlite   Millions of glass beads affixed to the surface. Each glass bead is covered with a metallic reflective layer on half of its surface and this, combined with the spherical nature of the glass beads gives the materials their reflective properties.
Self-Fabric Collar   A collar that is constructed from the same material as the body of the garment.
Shape Retention   Fabric maintains your shape after wear.
Shoulder-to-Shoulder Taping   Reinforced, or fashion taping running the length of the shoulders.
Side Vents   Slits found at the bottom of side seams allowing for comfort and ease of movement.
Spotshield   Formula that repels both oil and water based spills by causing liquids to simply bead up and roll right off the shirt.
Stand-up   Collar rigid collar with stay-up properties.
Stonewashed   A washing process in which the fabric or garment is heavily washed with lava rocks or rubber/silicon balls. The result is a softer fabric with a distressed or weathered look and reduced shrinkage.
Storm Flap   A strip of fabric sewn under or over the front zip or snap closure of an outerwear garment to protect against wind and moisture.
Sueded Cotton   A fabric that goes through a brushing process to raise the nap and give the garment a soft hand.
Symmetry   Ideal for a wide range of outdoor and lifestyle uses. It is both comfortable and practical to wear. Symmetry has an anti-pill finish, quick-drying and easy to care for with a super soft handle.
Taffeta   A fine plain weave fabric; smooth on both sides, usually with a sheen on its surface.
Taped Seams   A strip of fabric sewn to the seam of a garment to prevent distortion and aid waterproofing.
Taslan   Refers to how the fibres are woven and the resulting texture. Used mainly in outerwear garments, Taslan is a durable and water-repellent nylon fabric with a slightly shiny surface.
Teflon™   Stain resistant, water-repellent finish applied to textiles. This treatment gives the fabric a protective coating (without affecting any of the fabric's inherent properties).
Tencel™   A fabric made from the cellulose found in wood pulp which is processed into a silk-like, delicate fabric.
Terry Velour   A type of material with uncut loops on both sides. It has a soft, plush feel and is water absorbent.
Thermal Balance Plus   The inherent structure of Thermal Balance fleece makes it ideal for use as part of a layer system. Thermal Balance Plus fleece provides outstanding warmth and comfort making it the ideal layering garment for a range of outdoor uses.
Thermoguard   Thermoguard insulation is made up of advanced synthetic fibres, which trap air to help keep you warm in cold or snowy conditions.
Tubular Collar   Collar in a tube form with no seams.
Twill   A fabric characterised by micro diagonal ribs producing a soft, smooth finish.
Underarm Grommets   Small holes in the armpit area to allow breathability and air circulation.
V Patch   A section of material in a V shape that is sewn onto a garment directly under the collarette. Can provide support against stretching the neck opening and is also a style component.
Vents, Front and Back   Allow for breathability and may aid in ease of decoration or for fashion purposes.
Welt Collar and/or Cuffs   A single ply fabric with a finished edge that is used for collars and cuffs on sport shirts and short sleeve garments.
Wicking   The physical action of drawing liquid moisture (sweat) away from the body and moving it to another surface or layer.