Embroidery & Printing

If you are looking for clothing with your logo, design or name, then we will be able to help you. Nearly all t-shirt printers and embroiderers use the same suppliers of garments. It is the decoration or personalisation of these garments where standards vary greatly. We pride ourselves on the quality of our embroidery and printing. Most of our work has come through recommendation, and many of our customers who have previously used other suppliers comment on how good our work is.

Some of the products in our online shop will give you the option to add embroidery. This can either be a logo or text, and you'll be able to choose the position on the garment and any other options required. 

If this option isn't available on the product, or you would prefer a printed design. You can look in our personalisation category, that contains some basic personalisation options. If you simply want your own text on a garment, then here you can choose to have it either embroidered or printed. You also have the option to have your own design embroidered. It also contains options for sponsor print, club crest and numbering of football kits etc.

You don't need to worry about ordering because you're not sure what it will come out like. We will send you a proof for your approval before we print or embroider anything.

If you are looking for a large volume or screen printed order, then please contact us to discuss your needs.

Below is a brief description of the services we offer. Please email if you would like to contact us for a quote or more information.



Embroidery is ideally suited to small left breast or arm designs. It can be applied to almost any garment including those that are not suitable for printing, like polar fleeces and towelling products. It isn't as expensive as it looks and is great for staff uniforms. There is usually a one off origination charge to convert your design into an embroidery format.












Screen printing is the traditional printing method for t-shirts. It is ideal for large designs and is our technique of choice for garment printing because of the quality and durability of the finished print. When you buy a printed t-shirt in a high street shop or at a festival, this has most likely been screen printed.

Screen printed garments wash well because wet ink is used which partially sinks into the fabric during printing, and is then cured at high temperature. This should not be confused with heat seal vinyl transfer printing which uses an adhesive to bond to the fabric.

Screen printing is more versatile than heat seal vinyl transfers as far more complex designs can be produced. It is also capable of finer detail and much smaller text than either heat seal transfers or embroidery. Colour choice is also far greater and we can even mix inks to produce pantone colours if required. There are set up charges for screen printing and these vary depending on the number of colours in a design, and the type of artwork you are able to supply to us.









Heat seal transfers are ideal for small orders and simple designs. The colours look great and there is usually no set up fees. However as every colour in a design, on every garment has to be placed in register by eye this process is quite slow (if done properly) and not cost effective on larger orders. It also has limitations on colours, and very small text can't be produced. This method is normally used for football kit sponsors and numbers, and slogan t-shirts. Many t-shirt printing shops can only offer this method rather than screen printing.












Laser transfers are ideal for small orders and photograph designs. They are great for Hen and Stag party shirts. There is usually no set up fees. This method is designed to work on white garments, although light colours can be used.